Jacqueline offers a variety of makeup looks for your special day.  Whether you want to be an ethereal bride or you want to have a more dramatic flair.  Any of these options are available. A consultation is always recommended. At which point, Jacqueline will go over your skin type, regimen and give recommendations for your skin.  The concept of the look will be discussed and she always encourages her clients to bring any magazine clippings or photographs for inspiration for the look they want to achieve.  There will be make-up application during the consultation. The consultation can be paid separately or is included in the cost of the bridal package.  Please email Jacqueline at to get a price estimate and to set up a consultation.  



Jacqueline does offer her services to the bride's closest friends.  Whether the bride wants the bridesmaids to have a more cohesive theme or more individualized, Jacqueline will go over and discuss makeup looks and give any recommendations for the bridesmaids.  The packages do vary depending on the look and the amount of bridesmaids (maximum number that can be done at this time is three). 


Party & Event Makeup

Jacqueline offers makeup for any special event. If you are the guest at a wedding or want to glam it up for your birthday, she is here to help. Consultation may not be required but please reach out to inquire for details.


Make-over | Lessons 

Jacqueline also offers her skills for clients that want a reboot in their makeup regimen.  Whether you have a hot date with your significant other or you have a job interview or you are just in a make-up rut. We've all been there. She will show you how to properly apply foundation, concealer and how to color correct.  If you want to just practice how to do a cat-eye or get the perfect pout Jacqueline will show you how to do it properly for your particular features.     



Fashion editorials, runway and beauty campaigns. Portfolio building for models and/or photographers.  Jacqueline is eager to work in a fast-paced and creative environment.  




Contact information:

Jacqueline Feuerberg

email: jacqueline@facesbyjacqueline

instagram: @facesbyjacqueline

phone: 718-413-8372







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